HAPPY DIWALI- The Festival of Lights

Diwali/Deepawali is one among the foremost common Indian festivals celebrated with eclat and splendor everywhere the country and by Indians world over. The divinity of Wealth is worshiped on this pageant. it’s a vital occasion for several reasons just like the importance of human bonding, celebrations in family, reunions of friends and relatives, etc.

Since ages Deepawali has been an incident not just for a standard reason, however conjointly for its significance to collate all the monetary info. This tradition isn’t simply restricted to families, however, it conjointly has AN encompassing influence all across the country in businesses furthermore. Muhurat commerce, a big day for the stock markets everywhere the country, is discovered on Diwali.

The following area unit a number of the key learning’s for economical|a good} and efficient Money-Management which might Enlighten everybody

1) Monetary Enlightenment–

Come diwali, come back the lights everywhere. Diwali is well known on a new-moon day and also the lightening of lamps indicates the destruction of darkness and evil. Similarly, one among the key learning’s on this excellent occasion is to spot and eliminate the monetary mistakes committed within the past be it availing high price debt, wrong monetary merchandise purchase like an endowment, ULIPs, etc.

This exercise of distinguishing and rectifying past monetary mistakes are often a tough ordeal. therefore it’s extremely counseled to avail facilitate} and steering of a comprehensive monetary Planner WHO won’t solely facilitate one to spot the monetary mistakes however conjointly help one perceive why some monetary selections area unit deemed mistakes. a licensed monetary Planner also will facilitate one take corrective measures therefore on make sure the same monetary mistakes don’t seem to be committed henceforward.

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2) Non-Committed Expenses/Over Spending:-

A Celebration may be a get-together of family, friends, relatives etc. Diwali is additionally an incident to splurge astonishing amounts of cash on sweets, flowers, decoration, celebrations, food, firecrackers etc.

Everybody aspires for a decent time, and defrayal for identical is human. however one ought to always remember that celebrating a pageant or an incident ought to ne’er be a former affair however ought to be done once a year. which means though defrayal currently will raise the celebration, could|it’s going to|it should} adversely impact the saving potential thereby leading to weak monetary coming up with habits that successively may compromise the monetary goals within the future.

The best monetary apply on this front is to apportion a take into account non-committed or discretionary expenses like a pageant, occasion or a celebration each month/year (≤ two-hundredths of overall expenses pm/annum) and obey by the budget. Strict adherence to the budget negates probability|the chance} of overspending thereby enhancing surplus that successively ends up in the next likelihood of achieving the visualized monetary Goals like children’s teaching, house purchase, etc.

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3) “Insuring Lives-Ensuring Happiness”:-

Incidents of fireside mishaps occur a lot of throughout Diwali than different days. this is often particularly involving kids. kids tend to induce anxious with the festal atmosphere and forget the security precautions as suggested by folks and elders which can cause accidents during which they’ll get hurt. Worse still the disjointed kids might need hospitalization, spoiling the whole festal atmosphere too. These mishaps cause further monetary burden by the method of medical expenditure.

The best thanks to nullifying/mitigate such risks is to avail adequate Insurance covers for self and family to tackle the Pure Risks like:

Life risk (Life insurance policy-Term Assurance)
Disability risk (Personal Accident Policy)
Health Risk (Mediclaim /Health Insurance Policy)
Critical health problem Risk (Critical health problem policy)
Property injury risk(Home Insurance/Standard hearth & Special Perils Policy)
Hence, the parents/elders within the family must always keep a tab on the youngsters in guaranteeing a secure and secure celebration. a primary aid kit at disposal is advisable. Adhering to such safe practices reduces the chance of any untoward incidents resulting in a cheerful, safe and prosperous celebration of Diwali.

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4) Gift a monetary Plan:

Diwali is that the time for reappraisal of the Money-Management. Hence , it’s a perfect time for everyone to consolidate all the aspects of one’s Personal Finances and also the best thanks to comprehend done would be beneath the steering of a comprehensive monetary planner, WHO would be skilled in winding up a Comprehensive 360° Personal monetary coming up with session as well as cash-flow analysis, identification and prioritization of visualized monetary goals like kid future academic expenses , children’s wedding expenses, retirement financial gain desires etc. and at last chalking out a bespoken best-fit monetary coming up with resolution resulting in economical|a good} and efficient Personal Finance Management.

Hence, the most effective thanks to celebrating Diwali is to gift a private plan to your fair-haired ones like family and friends.

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The terribly next day when the diwali celebrations, we have a tendency to notice that loads of cash have been blown away by method of overspending. The roads area unit a classic example- post-Diwali annually, we’ve seen the cart many hearth fruity waste, garbage, etc scattered across everywhere the roads. And it’s nothing in need of hell on earth for the individuals cleansing the roads.

Hence one among the key learning’s for everybody- the fogeys, the elders within the family and also the children- is that celebrating diwali is nice, however celebrating it the correct method is all a lot of necessary. Before the celebrations install a garbage bin for every family or lodging and advise the youngsters to gather the waste and dispose of it in the garbage bin when the celebrations. it might be one among the good lessons to show kids. It contributes to the society as a full and conjointly the government’s initiative of the “SWACHH BHARAT”. this is often “CLEANLINESS IS GODLINESS” in its true spirit. this may conjointly contribute to the govt. measures to cut back unproductive public expenditure too.

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