Happy Diwali Story 2018

A pilgrim was passing through Kuppargaon. it absolutely was well past noonday once he arrived within the village. He found all doors closed. nobody was walking on the muddy village road. the road was suffering from garbage, that was the sole indication that folks lived within the village.

The pilgrim found some reeds that he bundled along to create a brush, and got all the way down to work.

In the evening, the doors opened. when a satisfying afternoon nap, folks stumbled out of their homes idly. They were shocked to ascertain the road, their street, clean. They found a unknown UN agency had gathered all the dirt during a heap at the top of the road.

happy diwali

The village chief, Kaliya, walked up to the unknown and loud at him. “You rascal, however dare you enter our village while not permission? What area unit you doing?”

The pilgrim smiled at Kaliya. “Don’t you recognize divinity Lakshmi is coming back this weekend?” he asked.

Chief Kaliya was confused.

“Lakshmi? divinity Lakshmi? coming back to our village?”

Meanwhile folks had gathered. Some elders spoke to Kaliya during a whisper, “He looks to be a holy person. verify his forehead smudgy with holy ash and kumkum. Let’s not displease him.”

No outsider had ever visited the village — no government official, police officer or maybe the common-or-garden mail carrier. it absolutely was a forgotten village. no one within the state gave the impression to bear in mind there was a village within the state known as Kuppargaon. currently a holy person had come back, and he was telling them that divinity Lakshmi was coming back.

“Will the divinity like it? I mean the road that’s thus dirty?” asked the pilgrim.

An wife bent with age went within and came out with a bucket of water, that she splashed before of her house. forthwith different girls followed suit. the road was currently sparkling clean.

The pilgrim nodded his head in approval. He Sat down before of atiny low house and employing a twig started drawing some style. a lady brought some rangoli powder and crammed the look. Some kids ran, brought flowers, and commenced filling the styles with the petals. By then fall had fallen. a lady lit a lamp before of her house. presently there have been lamps before of each house.

Shree Ganesh Happy-Diwali

The street wore a joyous look. a baby came to the pilgrim and gave him a hug. a lady brought him some sweet. The pilgrim bust into a smile. A young woman began to sing.

For once Kaliya the village chief had become quiet. He Sat next to the pilgrim beneath a banyan.

“Where is divinity Lakshmi? You same she would be coming back.” he said.

“Can’t you see? She has already arrived,” same the pilgrim.

Kaliya looked around. He might hear the laughter of women and shouts of joys from kids running free. And he might see rows of sunshine. He hunted. the celebrities were twinkling. There was a delicate breeze.

Kaliya bust into a smile. “Yes, Lakshmi is here,” he same softly.

“Happy Diwali,” same the pilgrim as he left the village.

Story: Subba Rao | Illustration: Mohandas Marath
Colouring: Snehangshu Mazumder

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